The HTC Northside Women's Ministry is a place for women to meet, meditate on God, encourage one another, grow in the Word, and cultivate friendship as we strive to live lives that honor God in our homes, places of work, and city.

Bible Studies

We will meet six times during the 2016-17 academic year to study God's Word together, with a focus on the topic of mercy. What is mercy? What does the gospel say about it, and how does Christ incarnate it? What role does mercy play in the big-picture sweep between the fall of man in Genesis and the coming of the New Jerusalem in Revelation? How can we be imitators of Christ in his work of mercy?

We dig into Scripture together during these times; our studies are discussion-driven, with a funnel-effect that heads from observations on the text and its context, to uncovering the meaning, and finally to the practical applications the passage has for our lives. Scripture is powerful to cut into our hearts and change us, and we come to these studies trusting that's the work God wants to do in us.


We will also meet for social events because--we like each other and it's fun to hang out! The fancy word for that is 'fellowship,' but it's just times to enjoy being together and have a little fun (frequently there's food involved too--always a bonus). So far, we plan to have a September kickoff with appetizers and general hang out time, a cooking class in October (tentatively the best homemade pizza dough you've ever tasted), and some fun with art and painting in November.