HTC North Side Community Groups

Longing for deeper relationships? Interested in meeting and getting to know more people in your neighborhood? Looking for a safe place you can ask questions about the Bible and study what it has to say about Jesus Christ and your life? Interested in finding a group of people that will pray for and with you? Desiring to serve your neighborhood in tangible ways with others? Our Community Groups and Missional Communities are where we seek to have these things happen.


Though we believe our Sunday gatherings are vital, we know that having strong community throughout the week is just as important. Because of this, we seek to connect people in their various neighborhoods (see map below) through our Community Groups and Missional Communities.

Community Groups

Geographically comprised, our community groups are smaller groups of people (6–15 people) that meet weekly for things like casual hangouts, meals, Bible studies, and prayer. All are welcome to visit any of our Community Groups.


Our Community Groups and Missional Communities meet consistently from September-May. Over the summer we transition to focusing more on other ministries, including church-wide events. Please see our events page for a more complete schedule.