Kid City, Holy Trinity Church’s children’s ministry, exists to support parents by providing a safe, loving, and fun environment for children from our church and community to learn God's word and experience His love. Each Sunday, children board a colored train designated for their age group to spend time singing songs, doing crafts, and learning from our trained leaders. 

Blue Line Train (0-2 years old)

During the entirety of the service, children ages 0–2 are invited to "board" the Blue Line Train, located across the hall from the Sunday Services. Parents can sign their children in, give their phone number in case a parent is needed, and provide the leaders with any snacks they would like their child to have while they are in the service. The Blue Line is always equipped with multiple leaders to spend time playing with and taking care of the children.

Green Line Train (3 years old-5th Grade) 

During the service children 3 years old-5th grade are dismissed before the sermon begins. At this time parents and leaders assist the children to "board" the Green Line train. This year, Children on the Green Line are learning the "Big Picture" of God’s redemptive plan as it unfolds from Creation through the whole of Scripture through lessons, songs, and activities.   

Red Line Train (K-5th Grade)

During the 10:30am service, children over 2 years old attend the beginning of the service with their parents and are dismissed before the sermon begins. At this time, parents and leaders assist the children heading upstairs to go to their classroom. The Red Line Train is for grades K–5 and focuses on caring for each child and teaching them about God's love for us through Jesus Christ. 

The Red Line is always equipped with multiple leaders to spend time playing, taking care of, and teaching the children. Every week, children in the Red Line will also enjoy a craft and hear an update on HTC families serving in ministry overseas.  


Each of our volunteers has undergone a background check and training, and is committed to caring for your child within the confines of our Protection Policy.

For additional information contact Toria Edwards