A Church for the City

In 1998, 37 adults and their families from College Church in Wheaton moved from the leafy western suburbs to Hyde Park on the South Side of Chicago to start a new church - Holy Trinity Church. This small congregation had a big dream: to see the city of Chicago transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And God added to their number. Some folks were coming to Hyde Park from further north, so a new strategy arose. Holy Trinity Church would henceforth be one church with multiple congregations. Not multiple churches or multiple locations, but multiple congregations. Each congregation would be served by a pastor but still be part of one church ruled by one body of elders.

In the Lord’s providence the Downtown congregation was planted in 2002. The West Side (now Pilsen) congregation and the North Side congregation came along a few years later. Today, several hundred people from all over Chicago, many of whom are transplants from all over the world, join together each week to worship the Lord together and hear his Word preached.

Holy Trinity Church loves the city of Chicago. It’s in our blood. Some of us grew up in Chicago. Some of us only recently located here. But it’s our home now. Chicago isn’t a perfect city by any means. The murder rate is infamous. Schools suffer. Poverty abounds in many parts of the city, as does wealth and opulence in other parts.

But we love our city nonetheless. Our skyline is magnificent. We have world class museums. Universities that specialize in winning Nobel Prizes. A beautiful lakefront. And so many great neighborhoods.

No doubt living in the city and raising families here presents plenty of challenges, but we think it’s worth it. So let me encourage you to love our great city. Plant roots here. Buy a home, if the Lord allows you. Be visible in your neighborhood.

And most of all, preach the gospel! We love our city, and we love the gospel of Jesus. We were bought with a price. The precious blood of Jesus wiped away our sins and bound us to our heavenly Father. We belong to him. So love Chicago by working on behalf of this glorious gospel. Our vision stands: to see the city of Chicago transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jon Lauriat