Sunday Services


9:30 am Kid City and Adult Education Hour
10:30 am    Morning Service and Big Picture Kids
6:00 pm Evening Service (@ Bond Chapel)

Downtown Youth

HTC Youth is our ministry to students in 6th–12th grade. The desire of our church is to shepherd our youth in the way of Jesus, through five specific means:

  1. Consistent, faithful Bible teaching
  2. Mentoring and discipleship from adult volunteers
  3. Lasting, serious relationships from student to student
  4. Partnership with the students' parents
  5. Service opportunities for the youth

These means are explored through youth group meetings on Saturday nights, seasonal retreats, special events throughout the year, and regular hangouts between students and leaders. 

Thursday Night Youth Group

Thursday's from 6:30–8:00 PM at The Loft (1440 E 57th Street, Chicago, IL 60637).

Our primary gathering begins with a game to warm everyone up and then moves into a time of Bible teaching that is focused on the Bible and the student experience. 

High-School Hangout (“H20”)

An informal hang out for high-school happens once a month on a Friday or Saturday. A time for our High School student to gather, connect, have fun and be encouraged by their peers.


Twice a year we travel to a retreat center for 1–3 days of fellowship, Bible teaching, and lots of fun and memory-making. The fall retreat happens in the first weeks of the school year, and the winter retreat usually occurs around February.

Summer Vacation

Summer is the most prime time fun events of the year for HTCY, where we meet for Bible studies and outings such as beach days, mini-golf, boat rides, and other local activities. It’s a great chance for students to build their relationships with one another, and to have something to look forward to every week.

Student Leadership

A chance for older students to develop their hearts for ministry with discipleship projects and adult mentorship. Projects could include teaching at a retreat, co-leading a DSG, or creating an entrepreneurial ministry project. Juniors and seniors in high school are preferred and must complete an application process.


Our goal for students who professes the name of Christ is to see them on mission within their own community, city, country, and abroad. We seek to cultivate missions with bi-annual trips overseas and city-wide events that help expose our students to missions and creates an identity service learning within HTCY.