Sunday Services


9:30 am Kid City and Adult Education Hour
10:30 am    Morning Service and Big Picture Kids
6:00 pm Evening Service (@ Bond Chapel)


Centrality of the Word

Everywhere you go within HTC you will find people striving to explain, to learn, and to align their thoughts and actions to the Bible. Put differently, you could say that belief in the total authority, veracity, and sufficiency of God's Word is at the core of our church.  The reason for this is simple: we believe that the Bible is God's Word.  God's words are very different than our words.  God creates, redeems, judges, and saves by his all-powerful Word, and wherever God's Word is read and proclaimed, God's voice is heard.  How thrilling to know that God has something to say to us and to his world! At HTC we value equipping ourselves in God's Word.  We want to know it and be transformed by it. We work hard at listening to it and joyfully submitting our entire lives to it.

Power of the Gospel

Today many people are wondering, "What in the world is God up to?"  The conviction of HTC is that God has answered that question by sending Jesus into the world.  God's gospel - or good news - is the message of Jesus' death and resurrection for our salvation and God's glory.  We believe that this gospel is spreading, active, and growing in our world.  In fact, we hold that God has promised to expand the horizons of this good news until new Christians and new churches spring up from every people group in the world.  We value spreading the gospel by our witness - for the gospel is the power of God to transform all who believe.  We count it a privilege to pray for, equip, train, and send people out to spread the gospel where His Spirit enables them.

Supremacy of Christ

Just before Jesus left his disciples and ascended into heaven he told them that God had given him all authority in heaven and on earth.  On the basis of his supremacy as the Christ, Jesus commanded his followers to go make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe everything he had told them.  Because Jesus is God's king and supreme ruler, he alone deserves the allegiance and praise of every person.  So each person in HTC seeks to honor and serve God by making disciples of Jesus.  To this end we gather together regularly to exalt Jesus Christ in the power of His Spirit.  We are humbled by our privilege of speaking directly to God through prayer in Jesus' name.  We take great joy in exalting Jesus' name by singing songs of praise directed to him.  Further, we acknowledge the supremacy of Christ in all we say and do - every hour of every day.  So we give ourselves to a life of worship and witness with joy, reverence, and a sense of awe for all that God has done for us in Christ.

Significance of the Family

God designed the family to be integral to the structure and well-being of society.  What is more, the Bible teaches that the truth of the gospel rests upon strong churches, and that the health of the church is directly connected to the character and godliness of its individual members and homes.  Therefore, we desire to help people in our city build strong homes and families for God.  We hold marriage in high esteem and we celebrate the children in our midst.  Further, for those in our community who are away from their families we intentionally orchestrate our congregational life to support and nourish them.  Indeed, we have found that the welfare of the HTC family is indispensably enriched by the many single people God has brought into our church. We welcome one another into our homes and are eager to share our lives as well as the abundance of gifts God has given to us.

Life of Mercy

The entire family of HTC has experienced the mercy of God in Christ Jesus; thus, we place a high value on extending God's mercy to others in need.  This value of extending mercy goes to the core of our being.  We want to see the love of Jesus extended to every neighborhood in Chicago. We want to serve Christ by bringing relief to the physically suffering and impoverished, refreshment to those in spiritual misery, restoration to those experiencing broken relationships, and renewal to the social fabric of our city.  And while we value loving our neighbor, we also have a particular concern to show mercy to our Christian brothers and sisters in need, whether within our own congregation, in our city, or on the other side of the world.

Richness of Community

If we had to choose one word to describe us as a church, it would be community.  For us, this value has three dimensions.  First, the richness of the fellowship we have in Christ.  In Christ we share some amazing benefits - forgiveness of our sin, reconciliation with God, fellowship with one another, and bearing one another's burdens through prayer, just to name a few.  Second, we value the richness of the diversity we have in Christ. In fact, we believe that the more integrated racially, culturally, and socio-economically we become as a church, the richer our fellowship will be.  Finally, we value enriching the wider community around us.  We are eager to see our church enhanced as we actively serve and seek her welfare.  We long to see the richness, weight, and truth of the gospel come to bear on every realm of human life, including the arts, business, law, government, and the academy.

Irony of Weakness

While common wisdom places a high value on strength, our church is learning to live in weakness.  Why?  Because when we are weak, we are actually strong.  You might call it the irony of weakness: God uses humble, reliant people.  Weakness is divinely intended for us by God.  Indeed, a life of dependence on the Holy Spirit, of devotion in prayer and a willingness to suffer for Christ is a beautiful life.  So we value dependence on the Spirit rather than dependence on self.  We value prayer, which is the opposite of pride and self-sufficiency.  And though we do not seek out suffering we know that it is a part of a gospel-centered life.  Our true strength is in Jesus Christ!